Photos from the past of many of the people who where there when it all started!

A frustrated Scott Pearce after a motor CATO
destroyed his rocket.

Bill Barber & Herb Desind readies the SLOVOVIAN AVENGER. Note the two Cinerocs attached.

The SLOBOVIAN AVENGER takes to the air on a
cluster of 10-F100's.

Korey Kline & Gary Rosenfield ready a rocket with a
prototype Aerotech motor at LDRS-2

Korey Kline pointing to the business end of his
rocket containing 7-F40 motors

Mike Nelson's clustered stage attempt.

Chris Pearson with his ACE FUGUE kit flying
a PlasmaJet G motor

Herb Desind switches on one of his many Cinerocs at

Chris Pearson with his F powered ULTRA ALPHA
Made from Estes parts

Craig Owens with his pneumatically operated launch system

Curt Hughes with his two-stage Enerjet 2225
Flying on D12's

Mark Webber & JP O'Conner ready the first H powered
rocket at LDRS-1

Gary Rosenfield clowning around with an experimental Composite end-burner at Smoke Creek in 1981

Bill Barber readies a record cluster attempt rocket using
Flash-in-the-pan BP ignition.

An ACE MONGEL takes off with a cluster of 3-F100s

Larry Broadbent
with one of his prototype

Scott Pearce shows the business end of his 167 motor cluster record attempts

Unknown flyer readies another cluster flight.

Jim Dunlap readies his upscale ORBITAL TRANSPORT.

Group photo of Flyers attending LDRS-1..